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Overview of Level 70: Level 70 is the fifth level in the episode Easter Bunny Hills. Finishing the level will take you to level 71. The main objective of this level is to clear 28 jelly squares and score 60000 to pass the level, whereas the previous levels aim was to clear 28 jelly squares and score 80000 to pass the level. Compared to this level as you know the previous one i.e. level no 69 was easy, but the next level number 71 is an easy to medium level. To get all the 3 stars you need to get more than 150000 points, to get 2 stars you need to get 110000 points and for 1 star you need 60000 points. The locked candies and chocolate make this a very hard level to finish. In this level all the 6 colored candies are available. In case any extra moves are left, jelly fishes will help you to crush bonus candies and give you some cool bonus points. You will definitely need all the help and tips to crush this.

Level 70 Tips, Help & Cheats

1.Prevent from clearing Licorice X unless you have confidence that you can clear all chocolate. Work the left side of the screen first. Generate striped candies, possibly horizontal ones. Combine the stripes with other stripes, or even better, with wrapped or color bombs. This takes care of jellies and chocolate on the right side without even having to touch that side of the board. Easier said than ... from Wikia - Candy Crush Wiki know more

2.Level 70 is a super-annoying level. The candy never seems to fall where you want it to, and it can take many tries to get through. If you can see a series of good matches on the right, then start on the right, but be aware that the chocolate will start to spread once you crush through the licorice locked candy. Otherwise start on the left. You're trying to make as many horizontal striped candies a... from The Candy Crush know more

3.Save the licorice for last. Make special candies on the left. Direction, direction, direction. Level 70 Video Walkthrough. This tip is crucial to beating level 70 of Candy Crush because the second you break open the licorice X's, that is when the chocolate begins to multiply. The best strategy for this level is to use your first moves eliminating all the jelly that is above the licorice X's (on th... from Candy Crush Cheats know more

4.Don't break the licorice first! Keep the chocolate caged because the second a licorice cage is broken, the chocolate will multiple and since that side of the board is small, it will be hard tto consistently get moves to clear them. BUT! Feel free to make any moves on the right-hand that clear jelly and NOT licorice. Remember: you can always exit out of a board if you think there are no good first ... from Candy Crush World know more

5.The danger is the chocolate here overgrowing the right column of Jelly, so the best approach is to create horizontal striped candy and clear out the chocolate BEFORE breaking through the locked in pieces to make it easier to kill off the Jelly since once the chocolate grows over it, you don't know what is what.... from Crushing Candies know more

Level 70 Video Walkthrough

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Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
Easter Bunny Hills
Clear 21 jelly squares and score 20000 to pass the level. (Jelly)20000 (Easy To Medium)Level 71 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 50000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)50000 (Medium)Level 72 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Clear 14 jelly squares and score 30000 to pass the level. (Jelly)30000 (Easy To Medium)Level 73 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Bring down 5 cherries and 5 hazelnuts and score 90000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)90000 (Medium)Level 74 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Clear 56 jelly squares and score 160000 to pass the level. (Jelly)160000 (Easy To Medium)Level 75 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Bring down 3 cherries and score 30000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)30000 (Medium)Level 76 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Clear 9 jelly squares and score 50000 to pass the level. (Jelly)50000 (Hard)Level 77 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 40000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)40000 (Medium)Level 78 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Clear 55 jelly squares and score 100000 to pass the level. (Jelly)100000 (Medium)Level 79 help tips
Easter Bunny Hills
Score 10,000 points. (Timed)10000 (Very Simple)Level 80 help tips
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