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Overview of Level 210: Level 210 is the tenth level in the episode Sweet Surprise. Finishing the level will take you to level 211. The main objective of this level is to clear 36 jelly squares and score 75000 to pass the level, whereas the previous levels aim was to bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 40000 to pass the level. Compared to this level as you know the previous one i.e. level no 209 was of easy difficulty, but the next level number 211 is an easy level. To get all the 3 stars you need to get more than 150000 points, to get 2 stars you need to get 125000 points and for 1 star you need 75000 points. Even though this level is a medium difficulty level the challenge is to tackle the licorice swirl and marmalade. Besides the yellow candy all other 5 types of candies are available. If you complete this level with some unused moves then jelly fishes will come to crush some candies giving you some bonus points. You just might need some help tips to clear this.

Level 210 Tips, Help & Cheats

1.Mix any two of the colour bombs to clear all the licorice on the left. The two colour bombs are from either top-left + bottom-left, or top-right + bottom-right. After mixing them, simply clear all the jellies to finish this level.... from Wikia - Candy Crush Wiki know more

2.To clear the licorice blocks on the left hand side, you need to match a colour bomb and a colour bomb. Try to free one of the colour bombs from the marmalade on the top and bring it down on top of the colour bombs at the bottom to get the chain reaction going. Make any matches you can on the left whenever you get a chance and use striped and wrapped candy combos on the right to chip away at the je... from The Candy Crush know more

3.In this board, you only have 30 moves, which isn't a lot of time to strategize. The best way (perhaps the only guaranteed way) to pass this level is to get two color bombs and combine them together to get rid of all the licorice swirls. Once you set off the two bombs, it will clear the whole board, you may still have jellies left over. It will be easy to clear these with striped candies and with n... from Candy Crush Cheats know more

4.The only way to defeat this level is to get two color bombs. With only 30 moves, there isn't a lot of time to strategize or set up multiple moves. Keep resetting your board until you can start in a position in which you can easily form your color bombs.... from Candy Crush World know more

5.This level is difficult because all of the spinners are on the left. With only 30 moves to play with, you have to employ the double color bomb to make it through this level. So what you will do is unlock either or both of the top color bombs and work one or the other down to the bottom of the board. Once you have 2 color bombs together mix them and that will remove all of the spinners for you! Now... from Crushing Candies know more

Level 210 Video Walkthrough

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Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
Sweet Surprise
Score 30,000 points. (Timed)30000 (Easy)Level 211 help tips
Sweet Surprise
Collect 5 color bombs and score 10000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)10000 (Medium)Level 212 help tips
Sweet Surprise
Clear 70 jelly squares and score 130000 to pass the level. (Jelly)130000 (Medium)Level 213 help tips
Sweet Surprise
Bring down 3 cherries and 3 hazelnuts and score 60000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)60000 (Easy)Level 214 help tips
Sweet Surprise
Combine 1 striped candy + wrapped candy, 1 striped candy + striped candy and 1 color bomb + 1 color bomb combos and score 25000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)25000 (Considerably Hard)Level 215 help tips
Crunchy Castle
Collect 50 red candies, 50 blue candies and 50 orange candies and score 10000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)10000 (Easy)Level 216 help tips
Crunchy Castle
Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 40000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)40000 (Easy)Level 217 help tips
Crunchy Castle
Clear 4 jelly squares and score 10000 to pass the level. (Jelly)10000 (Medium)Level 218 help tips
Crunchy Castle
Clear 21 jelly squares and score 40000 to pass the level. (Jelly)40000 (Easy To Medium)Level 219 help tips
Crunchy Castle
Collect 70 red candies, 70 blue candies and 70 orange candies and score 25000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)25000 (Very Simple)Level 220 help tips
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