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Overview of Level 152: Level 152 is the twelfth level in the episode Gingerbread Glade. Finishing the level will take you to level 153. The main purpose of this level is to bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 40000 to pass the level, whereas the objective of the previous level was to score 35,000 points. Compared to this level as you know the previous one i.e. level no 151 was easy to medium, but the next level number 153 is a considerably hard level. To get all the 3 stars you need to get more than 100000 points, to get 2 stars you need to get 80000 points and for 1 star you need 40000 points. The three-layer meringue make this a hard level to finish. In this level all the 6 colored candies are available. In case you complete the level and addiational unused moves are available, striped candies will automatically appear and give you some additional points. You will definitely need all the help and tips to crush this.

Level 152 Tips, Help & Cheats

1.This level is hard due to the sheer number of blockers. All blockers here are three-layer meringues and there will always be three or four, or even five, seperating the ingredients from the bottom, and with six colours, it is very hard to remove them, and due to the shape of them, even getting ingredients down the middle is hard. Getting just one ingredient is hard and likely 50% of your attempts ... from Wikia - Candy Crush Wiki know more

2.Have you read our guide to swapping ingredients across columns yet? If not, check out our tips and hints page. To give you a quick overview, if you get an ingredient stuck on top of a meringue (and you're likely to) you'll need to get one of five combinations to get it clear. One example: to crush the meringue you'll need to break candies above it, so you'll be looking for this:. Then you'd move t... from The Candy Crush know more

3.It's ideal to start this board with ingredients that are in the middle columns. Of course, this isn't a given. Play on mobile and keep resetting your board until you get the ingredients in the middle or are more clustered. This will make less work later as you won't be working to break all the multi-layered meringues.... from Candy Crush Cheats know more

4.Keep resetting your board until you get ingredients that are more clustered at the top. Focus clearing on the center of the board rather than the meringues on the sides. Form striped candies!.... from Candy Crush World know more

5.This is a lot tougher than it looks. The problem is you have to hit each block 3 times to get it clear and once an ingredient hits the bottom it makes it a heck of a lot harder to kill off the pieces. Focus on the center 3 columns to try to clear the way for you and then use the horizontal and vertical striped candies to help kill off as much block as possible. Move the ingredients to the center c... from Crushing Candies know more

Level 152 Video Walkthrough

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Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
Gingerbread Glade
Combine 1 color bomb + color bomb combo and score 10000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)10000 (Considerably Hard)Level 153 help tips
Gingerbread Glade
Clear 3 jelly squares and score 10000 to pass the level. (Jelly)10000 (Easy To Medium)Level 154 help tips
Gingerbread Glade
Clear 41 jelly squares and score 95000 to pass the level. (Jelly)95000 (Medium)Level 155 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Collect 35 red candies, 35 purple candies and 35 blue candies and score 20000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)20000 (Easy)Level 156 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Collect 25 green candies and 25 yellow candies and score 10000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)10000 (Very Simple)Level 157 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Bring down 1 cherry and score 10000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)10000 (Very Hard)Level 158 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Score 20,000 points. (Timed)20000 (Considerably Hard)Level 159 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Bring down 3 cherries and 3 hazelnuts and score 70000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)70000 (Easy)Level 160 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Clear 24 jelly squares and score 55000 to pass the level. (Jelly)55000 (Considerably Hard)Level 161 help tips
Pastille Pyramid
Collect 10 striped candies and 3 wrapped candies and score 30000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)30000 (Considerably Hard)Level 162 help tips
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