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Overview of Level 102: Level 102 is the seventh level in the episode Salty Canyon. Finishing the level will take you to level 103. The main purpose of this level is to bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 65000 to pass the level, whereas the objective of the previous level was to bring down 3 cherries and 3 hazelnuts and score 70000 to pass the level. Compared to this level as you know the previous one i.e. level no 101 was easy, but the next level number 103 is a considerably hard level. To get all the 3 stars you need to get more than 145000 points, to get 2 stars you need to get 115000 points and for 1 star you need 65000 points. The chocolate, licorice swirl, candy bomb (5 moves) make this a very hard level to finish. Besides the yellow candy all other 5 types of candies are available. In case there are leftover extra moves then multiple striped candies will automatically be generated and help you to get some more bonus points to increase your score. You will definitely need all the help and tips to crush this.

Level 102 Tips, Help & Cheats

1.It is very hard to deal with candy bombs as you only have 5 moves to demolish the bomb. Moreover, the isolated squares contain a lot of chocolate and licorice swirls. Once the swirls are cleared, chocolate may spread and hinder the ingredient to drop to the bottom.. Depend on vertical striped candies, striped+wrapped, or striped+color bomb combinations to destroy the bomb cakes. You're pretty much... from Wikia - Candy Crush Wiki know more

2.Everything is happening this level. Chocolate, timed candy bombs and licorice blocks - and you have four ingredients to get off the screen. The trick is to make vertical striped candy up the top of the board to penetrate holes in the chocolate below as and when it's required - striped + wrapped candy in particular are a quick way to get through this level. Note that chocolate will eat a bomb quick... from The Candy Crush know more

3.With only five moves to clear any bomb that drops, they need to be your #1 priority. Look for any available moves to clear the bomb. More will drop even after you clear the initial one.... from Candy Crush Cheats know more

4.With only 5 moves to clear the bombs, they should be your first priority! More will drop down after you clear the first one, so be vigilant. Really, to defeat this level, you need to form the most striped candies that you can. A wrapped+striped is ideal but difficult to make on this board so focus instead on making as many 4 combinations as possible, a vertical striped candy is great for an ingred... from Candy Crush World know more

5.Kill the chocolate. It won't grow with the spinners there, and until you break through the spinners, you can't remove it. but if you can put together a color bomb or mix a striped and wrapped candy to plow through it, AFTER you get rid of the spinners,try to remove it asap. Watch your bombs as they are only 5 move bombs. 40 moves for 4 ingredients should be doabe if you aren't overwhelmed by the c... from Crushing Candies know more

Level 102 Video Walkthrough

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Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
Salty Canyon
Clear 41 jelly squares and score 100000 to pass the level. (Jelly)100000 (Considerably Hard)Level 103 help tips
Salty Canyon
Clear 18 jelly squares and score 65000 to pass the level. (Jelly)65000 (Medium)Level 104 help tips
Salty Canyon
Clear 24 jelly squares and score 55000 to pass the level. (Jelly)55000 (Medium)Level 105 help tips
Salty Canyon
Clear 16 jelly squares and score 60000 to pass the level. (Jelly)60000 (Easy To Medium)Level 106 help tips
Salty Canyon
Clear 8 jelly squares and score 20000 to pass the level. (Jelly)20000 (Considerably Hard)Level 107 help tips
Salty Canyon
Score 14,000 points. (Timed)14000 (Very Simple)Level 108 help tips
Salty Canyon
Clear 9 jelly squares and score 40000 to pass the level. (Jelly)40000 (Hard)Level 109 help tips
Salty Canyon
Score 100000 to pass the level. (Moves)100000 (Medium)Level 110 help tips
Peppermint Palace
Clear 44 jelly squares and score 90000 to pass the level. (Jelly)90000 (Easy To Medium)Level 111 help tips
Peppermint Palace
Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 50000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)50000 (Easy)Level 112 help tips
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